Balief Foods

- A Diverse Distribution Channel -

Food and Distribution Business - Based In Kilkenny and Dublin.

Who Are We?

We are a Kilkenny and Dublin based van sales team. We work hard on behalf of brands in Ireland’s convenience stores, supermarkets , pubs and hotels in distribution, sales, promotion work, and merchandising of our client’s products.

Partner Brands


Our delicious slow-release oaty flapjacks are made by hand using non-hydrogenated vegetable fats. Individually wrapped, these ambient flapjacks have a 26-week shelf life, making them ideal for schools, cash and carries and convenience stores.


Home baked for an authentically moist texture and moreish flavours, our range of ambient untopped and topped muffins are shelf-ready.


Mixed and baked by hand, our cookies come in three different popular flavours and are individually wrapped for a fresh texture and taste.


Nuts are the most healthy and nut-ritious snack. Healthy, because they come directly from nature. Nutritious because they are rich in energy, fibres, vitamins and minerals. Nuts can be the building blocks of a healthy and balanced diet.